Founded in 1995, Casamémoire is a non-profit Moroccan association aiming to safeguard the architectural heritage of twentieth century Morocco. Its creation was sparked by the demolition of the Mokri villa built by the architect Marius Boyer. Its members promote common values such as the preservation of Casablanca’s built heritage, valorisation of an architectural heritage, development of cultural tourism and preserving collective memory.

Casamémoire's main goals are to raise awareness within local communities as well as political leaders to the safeguard of built heritage, develop and support actions in renovation and refurbishment, and encourage national and international research on the topic of heritage preservation.

While it organizes architectural tours of Casablanca throughout the year, it is best known for its popular Journées du Patrimoine de Casablanca, an April weekend devoted to tours of the city, attended in 2013 by 20,000 people. Since 2011, it has also hosted an annual lecture series: “L'Université Populaire de Casablanca”.

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