Donate Architecture Archives

Architecture archives document Architecture, its history, its practice, its practitioners.

When preserved and accessible, they are valuable resources to understand the past, the present and the future of our built environment. If you are in possession of architectural records, the Arab Center for Architecture would be pleased to elaborate with you the best strategy to preserve them and render them accessible to the research community and to the public. Below are the suggested options:

  • Donate architecture archives to the Arab Center for Architecture.By donating archives, you give the records and you assign the rights to the ACA.
  • Deposit architecture archives at the Arab Center for Architecture.You remain the owner of the records, but you deposit them at the Center for a certain period of time, according to a signed agreement fixing all terms of the deposit (duration of the agreement, copyrights, reproductions…)
  • Make a testamentary legacy to the Arab Center for Architecture.


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