About Architecture Archives

Architecture archives constitute a wealth of information for construing a clear idea of the built environment and its development across time.

The collection, preservation and sharing of such archives not only enhances knowledge on architecture as a cultural artifact of private and public concern; it is also a tool for the proper preservation and transformation of buildings and neighborhoods. One of ACA’s main missions is to preserve and make accessible architectural archives of the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries in Lebanon and the Arab world. Its current task covers threatened private collections of engineers and architects.

The mission consists of:
  • Searching and identifying collections
  • Collecting relevant or endangered collections
  • Protecting collections and preserving them from various threats
  • Digitizing drawings, plans, photographs, slides and documents
  • Restoring relevant drawings
  • Providing training and expertise on the preservation of architectural collections
  • Facilitating access to collections through our research center and our network
  • Raising awareness on the importance of preservation through public events (exhibitions, site visits, conferences…)
  • Supporting research and publication projects
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