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Abdallah Ihsan Kamil
1919 - 1984

University of Liverpool, UK


1956Khan Basha BuildingBaghdadIraq
Number of published projects in the database: 1
Kamil studied architecture in the University of Liverpool in the UK as well as Harvard University in the United States. Upon his return to Baghdad, he took on several positions, namely: with the Iraqi Railways (1943-1949), instructor and then assistant professor in the Department of Architecture at the Baghdad University (1954-1984), a member of the Baghdad Mayoralty (1959-1984) and founder and partner in the Iraqi Consulting Office (1953-1965). 
In the 1950s, "new construction methods and technological advances in engineering that allowed for long spans became common and influenced building layouts, which became more compact and dependent on mechanical services rather than responding to natural conditions. Curtain walls and louvers became widespread. Many architects were enthusiastic about these new building elements, which were not only rationally employed in line with climatic conditions in Iraq, but also in order to achieve aesthetic effects, at times involving color. The work of Abdallah Ihsan Kamil, Rifat Chadirji, and Philip Hirst shows an enthusiasm in using these systems for different purposes."
(Al Sultany, Khaled and Caecilia Pieri. "Architecture in Iraq from 1914 to 2014: from pre-modernity to uncertain challenges" in Architecture from the Arab World (1914-2014) a selection, edited by George Arbid)
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