Exhibition: Modern Design & Architecture in the Arab World: The Beginnings of a Project

DATE May 13 - June 1, 2013
PLACE Otium Gallery, Beirut
FUNDER / SPONSOR European Union / Heinrich Boll Foundation

In its first exhibition, "Modern Design and Architecture in the Arab World: the Beginnings of a Project," the Arab Center for Architecture (ACA) showcases local modernity and the design work of its pioneering architects. A selection of drawings, documents, photographs and models from ACA's archives and private collections highlight the work of a generation of architects who lived and practiced in Lebanon and thus shaped the Modern Heritage of the country. While this neglected heritage is rapidly disappearing on an almost daily basis, it is hoped that connections with the recent past are retraced with the display of important documents from ACA's archives. Among the exhibited buildings, some were demolished, some were altered and disfigured, and some are endangered and await action.

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