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September 28, 2018

ACA Celebrating World Architecture Day in An-Nahar

Rosette Fadel writes for An-Nahar newspaper about the celebration of World Architecture Day in Lebanon, the first Monday of October.

The Arab Center for Architecture is celebratingWorld Architecture Day at Metropolis Empire Sofil with the screening of two documentaries: "Glenn Murcutt: Spirit of Place", by Catherine Hunter and "La toile bleue de la Basilique", by Sarah Hatem.

Read more here (Arabic only).

July 3, 2018

Archi-walk in Badaro covered by Maya Metni

Maya Metni, from Seen by Maya, covers one of ACA's walking tours through Badaro with Naji Assi.

Check it out here.

June 27, 2018

Al-Akhbar Covering Beirut Design Week 2018

Al-Akhbar newspaper covers the event hosted by ACA as part of the Beirut Design Week.

Read it here (Arabic only).

June 5, 2018

Al-Akhbar Covering International Archives Day

Al-Akhbar newspaper covers the open-door hosted at the Arab Center for Architecure in celebration of International Archives Day.

Read about it here.

August 31, 2016

Al-Akhbar Covering "Changing Cities, Mutating Societies"

Al-Akhbar newspaper covers the third iteration of "Changing Cities, Mutating Societies", a discussion between Elias Khoury and Jad Tabet.

Read more here (Arabic only).

June 7, 2016

Al-Modon Covering "Changing Cities, Mutating Societies"

Al-Modon covers the three-part event "Changing Cities, Mutating Societies", through which speakers will discuss the effects of the passage of time on cities and societies.

Read more here (Arabic only).


May 31, 2016

The Arab City

Essay by Amale Andraos
Dean of Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
in Places Journal, May 2016
mentioning the Arab Center for Architecture.
The essay is adapted from "The Arab City in Representation," in The Arab City: Architecture and Representation,
published by Columbia University Press
Read the article

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